Daily Special

The Daily Special is only available at Nooba Zurich till 2pm.

Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

Daily Wok | CHF 20.00

Rotes Curry mit Tofu, süssen Kartoffeln, Ingwerstreifen, Zuchetti, Karotten, Ananas, Cherrytomaten und Reis

Daily Teppan | CHF 22.00

"Kotto Roti" Gebratene Falafelbrotstreifen mit Kabisstreifen, Karotten und Lauch an Pouletcurrysauce

Daily Noodle | CHF 20.50

"Mhee Kra Ti" Gebratene dünne Reisnudeln mit  Poulet-Crevettenhack, Omlettestreifen, Sojasprossen, Thailauch und Karotten an Kokonusssauce



Welcome to Nooba!

Nooba stands for ‘noodle bar’ and many of our dishes are indeed based on various types of noodles. But not all of them! Our menu offers an unrivalled selection of traditional dishes from across the major cuisines of Asia – it’s real Pan-Asian fare!

We look forward to seeing you.